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3a Barrack Close, Barrack St., Ennis, Co. Clare  V95 X437

Clinic Approach





• Diagnosis  •  Treatment  •  Review  •  Prevention •

The role of a Chartered Physiotherapist is to use a variety of means to treat joint, muscle and ligament injuries that occur in sport, at work or that are age or lifestyle related.  The main focus is to maximise the recovery + function of the injured area, minimise any pain and prevent future injury.  

At Ennis Physiotherapy Clinic we achieve this by  implementing a successful proven 4-step process which involves:

  1. Correct diagnosis of the problem following careful assessment of ALL aspects of patients’ lifestyle
  2. Comprehensive treatment programme combining in-clinic and at-home treatments and exercises
  3. Reassessment and review / monitoring of progress and pain management
  4. Prevention programme to avoid a future recurrence

In short, our focus is entirely patient-centred and our objective in each case is to provide a complete solution which includes future injury prevention.

Since its inception in 1991, The Ennis Physiotherapy Clinic is the longest established provider of Chartered Physiotherapy and Sport Injury treatments serving Ennis town and the greater county region.  Our mission is to provide expert care and outstanding clinical excellence to all our patients.  

To this end, we offer a large range of services including, but not limited to;

About the Clinic Hands on
  1. Physical Therapies - Joint Manipulation + Exercise Programmes
  2. Sports Injury & Massage treatments
  3. Individualised Exercise Programmes
  4. Post-Operative Rehabilitation
  5. Postural Assessment + Postural Correction
  6. Muscle Balance Assessment + enhancement of strength and endurance
  7. Electrotherapy - Ultrasound, Interferential
  8. Ergonomic Assessment + Solutions

  Conditions   Treated         


   Back Pain / Sciatica

   Neck Pain

   Arthritis (OA + RA)

   Postural Strain


   Fractures Rehab

   Muscle Strains

   Ligament Sprains

   Achilles Tendonitis

   Frozen Shoulder

   Tennis Elbow

   ACL Injury / Rehab

   Knee cartilage Tear    Sprained Ankle

   Shin Splints

   Plantar Fascitis

   Groin strains

   Dead Leg

   Fractured Wrist    Fractured Finger

   Post Hip or Knee      Replacement

   Neurological       Conditions

   and many more….

Fintan O Donnell and President Higgins


Fintan O’Donnell MISCP

Chartered Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists Register

Regulator No PT026787

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